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Decal Installations

Decal Installations

Vinyl Decal Installation Instructions

Each decal has three layers.

Decals are made to adhere to the outside surface. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt, dust, grease or any contaminates. (Note: Vinyl decals can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces including windows and painted surfaces). Do not apply to freshly painted surfaces, paint needs to cure at least 3 weeks prior to applying vinyl decals.


  1. Do not apply in cold weather. Recommended temperature of the surface you are applying to should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Make sure there is no wax or RainX products on the surface, decal may stick but it will easily lift off.
  3.    Decals are car wash safe but do not point high pressure hose at the edges of the decal for several weeks after application.

 Installation Procedure:

  1. This is the hinge method. Using a piece of masking tape, place it along the top edge of decal, making sure half is on the decal and half is on the surface. This makes a hinge to pull the decal away from the surface.
  2. Stand back, check alignment to make sure the decal is straight and where you want it. Adjust if necessary.
  3. Grab the bottom of the decal and lift decal away from surface. From a diagonal direction slowly remove the Paper Backing from the decal. Make sure the Vinyl Decal stays with the Pre-Mask. Do not let the decal touch the surface.
  4. While still holding the decal away from surface use a squeegee, credit card, plastic ruler or any plastic straight edge to help in application. Start from the side with the tape (still holding the bottom of the decal) and gently work away from the tape and slowly squeegee the decal onto the surface. Use the Squeegee to gently apply pressure and work any air bubbles from the vinyl decal, moving in the direction of top and center toward the bottom and edges.
  5. Once entire decal is on the surface and free of bubbles, use squeegee to apply pressure to the vinyl decal. (Note: The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive the harder you rub the harder it sticks).

Now you are ready to pull off the pre-mask layer and view your decal. Gently pull it off, it’s best to start at one of the bottom corners and remove in a diagonal direction. If you see some of the vinyl decal start to come up with the pre-mask then stop removing pre-mask and squeegee the decal more. Once done try it again. (Note: Once applied, if the decal has air bubbles in it you can use a very sharp razor blade and slice through the bubble. Then squeegee the decal flat to the surface).


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